oh friday

one of those days where you just wish it was 5 o'clock already

...and that you were British. Who doesn't want that? haha



photo credit: design sponge

Even if I am a little tainted by the short story 'The Yellow Wallpaper' I still am interested in wallpaper - the new kind, not the kind that makes me think of my mom spending hours steaming and scraping off strips in the house I grew up in.

This pattern is pretty - a bit busy but I love the colour.


back in the day

The good old days. So cool!

I feel disheartened with the way the world has changed until I need to blow dry my hair, use the navigation in my truck, order something on the internet, get an email that I've been waiting 2 days for or the battery for my mobile dies.

The Rain

This morning I woke up to rain. Dark, cold, wet to your bones rain. Rain that makes everything feel damp, like the ocean spitting on you when your on a boat and the only thing that will warm you up and dry you out is a fire crackling in the hearth.

I love fall... those crisp, cold days where you can see your breath and you have to bundle up with a scarf and a touque and a warm woolen coat and when you're hacking your horse she's looking like a fire-breathing dragon.

But not today, today was one of those days you put on your rubber boots and your rain jacket and you embrace the weather because it will prevail.


home sweet home

the beach. the gardens. the sushi. family.

Vancouver. You are so beautiful.

Did I mention the beach?

It's my bliss.