a little music education.

totally awesome. I remember when this song was huge and mixed into all the tunes for all the step classes... and house party mixes. her back-up dancers are the best. octopus arms! look for it!

I just wanted to say for the record I hope chokers never come back into style. this video reminds me of how awful and extremely popular they were at one time.

it's been the usual music tutorial times with j... always keeping me informed. Apparently, this guy is one of the first and most important dudes in the Canadian hip hop industry. I guess I missed the memo. seriously, j knows every word to this song. awesome...? Entertaining to say the least. We had some good times listening to maestro fresh wes.


was feeling a bit under the weather

woke up this morning and felt really awful. didn't have any neocitran handy so I did my best to combat the flu like symptoms with a little home remedy...

a spicy ceasar and a sexy one too. Rome has totally blown my mind. I'm really loving HBO right now.

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santa was good to me

I found some treasures under the christmas tree this year... MAC, marc jacobs, and a little bit of the big apple.

images found at their respective websites mac cosmetics, marc jacobs and some new york

merry merry

the holidays have been amazing. there's been good company, good coffee and a whole lot of old movies. I think an old john wayne is in the forecast, something with a bunch of horses and gunfights.

...bugger the first video I posted was taken off youtube. it was so perfect. this one will have to do as a sub.



we're going to a skating party tonight. I have to admit that j is my wingman with this. Not looking forward to stepping on the ice but I'm no party pooper. I'm just not keen on the inevitable...

while j is doing god knows what on the ice. it's like walking for him and to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if he pulled a little something something out to impress everyone...

soundtrack of my life

your loveliness goes on and on yes it does

a great gift

I've always been a fan of this gift. Adopting an endangered animal really hits the heartstrings. I would love a polar bear for christmas and for only $40 it's not like it's breaking the bank.... although if no one stops me I could go broke adopting a whole bunch of animals - I could easily get carried away with a cause like this.

Polar Bears have been my favourite lately... the fact that the world is putting the environment in the crapper really sucks. 'As a result of climate change sea ice in the Polar bear's hunting grounds is melting earlier and forming later each year. Fewer than 25,000 polar bears remain in the wild and some populations, such as Canada's western Hudson Bay polar bears, are facing extinction in this century.' Statistics like that just make me so sad. It's like seeing one of those spca commercials with all the hurt animals that has Sarah McLachlan singing about angels - you want to look away but you can't... just makes me want to say to noone in particular


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borrowed words from wwf.com


album of the decade

I was dropping j off really early this morning and the radio show was entertaining

...the topic of conversation was album of the decade. the 80's was thriller. the 90's was nevermind. both albums changed my life (yikes - just aged myself). The conclusion was that there were a couple of nominees for this past decade, but nothing about them was as life changing as the previous albums that recieved this honorable mention. Among the nominations was Ms. Amy Winehouse.

Although she kind of destroyed her life with all the wrong decisions and looks like one of the broads that frequent the corner near the secured underground carpark near my work in probably the worst part of Vancouver, she did pave the way for the blues-style singers that came after her. It was only after she got caught on camera smoking crack and came to shows seriously inebriated to the point where it really did affect her singing (like puking) that people started getting off the Amy train.

Despite all the backlash, I still think this album is pretty great. After all, the music industry is pretty much riddled with people that are struggling with keeping it together ( Fergie peed her pants on stage and she recovered... didn't she?).

Amy, you get my vote.

for more of Amy looking decent in videos click here and here.

who would YOU vote for? I'm keen to know what albums changed people's lives.

just browsing

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words of wisdom.

"Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age."

-Anais Nin

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club tropicana stees

because who doesn't love a little wham.

going out for a run and this song gets me going! haha.

the horsemen of the hour

I've had my eye on this guy for a while now - easy on the eyes and good with the horses.

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Nacho Figueras polo player and ralph lauren model extraordinaire. No big deal - just friends with the bloody prince. I guess that comes with the territory of being a ralph lauren spokesman / amazing polo player... because it definitely doesn't have anything to do with his name.

hello this guy's on my list.

check him out here on ralph lauren tv.

wooden wonders

I would love to have a coffee table / art like this in my living room. you wouldn't have to ask me twice. and you could probably catch me sitting on my sofa staring at it. for hours.

amazing work by Joseph Walsh.

erosion by joseph walsh
all images via the contemporist


Moon Jellyfish

Crashing waves above,
A little flower dances.
It is a jelly.

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I will always remember her in Clueless singing "rollin' with the homies" but there was so much more to this girl...

rest in peace britney murphy.

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Sant Hilari, Sant Hilari, fill de puta qui no se l'acabi
"Son of a bitch the one that does not finish the cup"

We had some good times during cocktail hour a while back at the Cascade Room. Love the decor in there - Main and Broadwayish area if you're nearby I highly recommend it. and the polenta fries... and the conversation we had there was pretty much awesome.

soundtrack of my life

nothing like depeche mode to get me going with my coffee in the morning. this album is best played loud ...and is an acquired taste. it's like olives, once you like them you LOVE them. this band should be part of everyone's musical education.

and the night ends with a little led zepplin

We went to Joe Fortes last night for a staff dinner... lots of laughs, good conversation, amazing eats and bevies.

Although the shots of vodka the night ended with probably did more harm than good, we ended the night in style with good company and a little led zepplin. there's a whole lotta love for last night.


other people's babies

I got a lotta love for other people's babies...  good job cooking this one up chloe, she's pretty much the cutest little thing ever.


young victoria

saw this last night with my mum and dad... two thumbs up

...especially to the costume designer. I don't know what I was paying attention to more - what they were saying or what they were wearing. highly recommend this movie to everyone that loves a good Jane Austen-style tale.  oh man. the music gets me every time.

p.s. I think I heard that Emily Blunt won a golden globe for her performance. well done judges. well done.

fashion files

how gorgeous is this dress?

long lost friends

The holidays always bring all my long lost friends and family together for some merry, merry times. It's also the time of year when I think about all my long lost friends that are still so far away.... there's one in particular that I miss most often these days. Music we shared always makes me feel like they're closer than I think. Someday she'll be back.... I hope for good.

oh alanimal, I miss you! xox


This is pretty amazing. My friend's dad is obsessed with hockey (and apparently knitting too). He made the following for his new nephew. I asked if he took orders...

kind of disappointed he said no. hmph.

vintage flower power

how amazing is this blouse... love the vintage pattern. kind of obsessed with patterns like this right now.

Vogue UK, May 2008 Photography:: Patrick Demarchelier.
first seen at beachbungalow8

I ♥ love

I will soon be reunited with j... so excited I can hardly concentrate.


I said it once and I'll say it again ...can't WAIT for this movie.

wish this was under the tree for me

really? a new car for me? you shouldn't have.

ah the good old days when ladies got cars from their men for christmas. when did jewellry become a better gift than a car?

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that's magical.

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fashion files

If I was judging this contest I would say eva mendes wins by a mile... she's awesome and so is her dress.

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a little lion love ♥

Thanks to Jr for reminding me about this feel good clip... you can read more about this amazing story here

definitely a tear jerker so keep your tissue on hand. there's nothing like a little lion love to get the coldest  of cold hearts to shed a tear (and whitney doesn't help). today I'm no unattainable ice queen...

I heart chevy chase.