a horse of course

I am a horse nut. Straight up.

One could argue that I am a bit of a snob though - I like to say I have an eye for picking out the good stuff.

Even though there's a lot going on here (patterns everywhere!) I couldn't help but spot this beauty in a decor8 feature on a project that Vanessa de Vargas from Turquoise (her Los Angeles-based furniture and interior design business that I'm seriously in love with) worked on. I love it when a designer incorporates a horse into a space.

I read an introduction by the editor of style at home magazine that spoke to me - an avid horsewoman whose husband was over all of the equine art she accumulated, she ended up trying to find something that was liked by both her and her other half. A beautiful old black and white photo of a famous hockey match sealed the deal. I'm on the search I guess. An important part of interior design is making sure it speaks to everyone that lives there, and it's j's home as much as mine.

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