lushes with headscarves

it's only been a few weeks since I saw one of my fav bands ever!

Stevie still twirls!

All I have is a few lousy photos as the designated photographer of the night drank too much and most of the photos, actually, all except one photo are too blurry or feature just the tops of everyone's heads. 

There's nothing like a couple of pregnant women to chaperone a bunch of lushes
with head scarves and billowy skirts straight out of Rumors. 


Today was the longest day ever.

I cannot escape the constant yawns.

I am exhausted from my early morning workout with my wonderful sister.

I wish I could just relax in my lawn chair sipping some pinot noir I've been waiting to crack open.

That won't happen since these two are probably waiting to hear the roar of our beastly truck in the driveway.

and they will do their best to put on their puppy dog faces

see example 1...

example 2...

Off I go on a beach walk then!
until next time xox



fully recovered.

I have officially recovered from my birthday week. Fuck Birthdays.

I had an amazing time with friends I haven't seen in ages, enjoyed cherry blossoms and sunshine, and had some fun celebrating over wonderful food and drinks.

I feel so fortunate to have some of my bests around for my special day.

So fun to hang out with Alana and Shmilton, trying to get some pictures of Vancouver for Alana to take back to her apartment in that sand-ridden camel-filled country. We were also on the hunt for a lucky rabbit's foot. We weren't lucky in our search (bahaha- I'm the worst)

You don't realize how much you miss your friends that live far away until they come back! ...and then before you know it they're gone again. Boo hoo! Come back Alana!