Returning home from the stables this morning a bit later than usual, I leapt into the shower and it was only after I finished my blissful hot scalding shower (doing barn work in the morning these days has left me chilled to the bone. ugh. winter with the horses) that I realized that I had forgot to pop the laundry into the dryer last night. It was after I made do with the J's bathrobe that I realized that I was far from on time. and so, I did what I often do when I'm late - throw on whatever's in reach, grab my to-go cup that the lovely boyfriend filled with coffee and ran out the door.

It was only when I got to work that I realized I had mistakenly thrown on one of the bf's flannel plaid shirts on top of my beater tank top instead of one of my own. As well as realizing my go-to wilfred sweater was not only falling to pieces slowly but covered in dog hair. Lovely.

Next time I will try to adopt Drew's stees and pop on some cute heart shaped shades to balance the outfit. Seems to do a brilliant job at taking the oversize menswear shirt from frumpy to fashionable or at least bearable...yes?

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