album of the decade

I was dropping j off really early this morning and the radio show was entertaining

...the topic of conversation was album of the decade. the 80's was thriller. the 90's was nevermind. both albums changed my life (yikes - just aged myself). The conclusion was that there were a couple of nominees for this past decade, but nothing about them was as life changing as the previous albums that recieved this honorable mention. Among the nominations was Ms. Amy Winehouse.

Although she kind of destroyed her life with all the wrong decisions and looks like one of the broads that frequent the corner near the secured underground carpark near my work in probably the worst part of Vancouver, she did pave the way for the blues-style singers that came after her. It was only after she got caught on camera smoking crack and came to shows seriously inebriated to the point where it really did affect her singing (like puking) that people started getting off the Amy train.

Despite all the backlash, I still think this album is pretty great. After all, the music industry is pretty much riddled with people that are struggling with keeping it together ( Fergie peed her pants on stage and she recovered... didn't she?).

Amy, you get my vote.

for more of Amy looking decent in videos click here and here.

who would YOU vote for? I'm keen to know what albums changed people's lives.

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