dark days

One of my past romances lived in a house that was completely redone inside. think black paint everywhere, rich cherry wood floors, dark blinds and thick, dark curtains below a gold ceiling. I nicknamed it the dungeon. because that place was like one... especially when you were trying to wake up in the morning. searching for the washroom in that place in the middle of the night was just asking to kill yourself because it was. pitch. black. can't-see-your-hand-if-you-held-it-in-front-of-your-face pitch black.

Photographer Jan Luijk has captured a place that is less of a black hole of despair than said dungeon. Far from dismal, the darkness of this interior is offset by the immense amount of natural light, as well as the beautiful stonework. Far from what I usually like, but definitely on my dreamhouse list. This ain't no pottery barn.

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