dawn of the dutch?

that's right people, clogs are in the forecast for spring 2010... I remember stealing my mom's clogs to wear whilst doing laundry back in the day but I'm not sure if I'd sport them in public that's for sure.

apparently the stars are already keen on them...

(via anonymous)


and even though I'm irritated with her constant media presence, Jessica Simpson has moments of baddass style... rocking miu miu clogs as pictured below.





some fashion designers are into the whole clog trend as their spring 2010 shows indicated...

we aren't talking about the wooden ones of old here

was kind of expecting some whorish, garish grossness. kind of like what this lady found over here

and dolce and gabbana and gucci may be out of your price range (they aren't in mine that's for sure)

but these are kind of persuasive (

and these are okay (swedish bastad via

but I think the cloghouse online shop really takes the cake in clogs that may end up on my feet... even though I may be resistant to the whole clog trend per say.

or maybe these red ones because they're totally adorable.

(via disneyrollergirl)

well I guess we'll just see.

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