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...j has needed some good quality cologne for ages and ages. It's about time I seriously considered what I would like him to smell like - since I'll be smelling him the most, I figure it's pretty important for it to be a total turn on for moi.

The following were recommended via Esquire magazine for men. Rather entertaining little quiz... I guess they're supposed to go for the cologne identified by their characteristics. To check out the quiz for yourself here you go.

The Gadabout
• You like hiking and campfires, but you'd prefer a leather armchair to a Crazy Creek.
• When you drink, it's bourbon.
• When you dine out, it's anything, so long as there's a guy with a pepper mill who's willing to make return trips.
• You plan on crossing the country on a motorcycle, but for now you're happy just owning a nice leather jacket.

The Garabout man wears Burberry the Beat. anything burberry is yummy to me. the clothes. the perfume. the models. yummmm.

The Academic
• Your bar is a former social club where you drink Scotch.
• Winter is your favorite season, mostly for the excuse to drink mulled wine.
• You smoke a pipe in a room you insist people refer to as your study.
• Your favorite jacket still smells of the hippie friend you once loaned it to.
• You love Indian food but refuse to pronounce the dishes correctly.

The Academic wears Tom Ford. Italian Cypress ...anything Tom Ford is hot to me - have you seen his ads? this guy pushes it beyond acceptable. pretty entertaining.

The Beachgoer
• You like the ocean and frequently summer on a Sound, Puget or otherwise.
• You've chopped wood but prefer to pay someone else to do it for you.
• You think pico de gallo complements everything.
• Your grandfather was one of your favorite people, and he always smelled of talc. (gross. talc is gross! isn't talc gross? correct me if I'm wrong.)

The Beachgoer wears Hugo Element... anything Hugo reminds me a bit of my wild times in high school. At that time Hugo Boss was one of the most popular colognes. I might pass on this one because as much as I had a blast in high school - don't really want the smell of my lover to take me back. every day. ugh. However, I do like the sound of the smells of ocean, ginger and cedarwood. I will be checking this baby out.

The Linen Wearer
• When you vacation, it's in the Mediterranean.
• You enjoy baseball and gin and tonics.
• Your windows are always open and somehow always carry a fresh breeze.
• You'd rather adorn your lapel with a sprig of sage than a flower.
• Though you might have once referred to Milan as Milano, you will never call Paris Pa-ree.

The Linen Wearer  wears DKNY men. (...where do they get these names? Totally awesome but really? baseball fans and gin & tonics. and a sprig of sage?) hmmm. DKNY is usually so awesome. But I'll let my nose do the talking.

The Considerate Rogue
• At least once a week you bring flowers to your girlfriend, wife, or mistress.
• You hang dress shirts only on cedar hangers.
• You like Thai food and ceviche.
• Babies smell good to you.
• Your drink is the Gin Rickey, and when no one's around to make fun of you, you press your own lemonade. But you'd drop either if someone came up with a nonemetic vanilla extract.

The Considerate Rogue wears Diesel only the Brave. not into it. totally judging a book by it's cover here.

Not sure if j fits in any of those categories... I will definitely test out my old faithful:

Inspired by life without boundaries, Polo Explorer is a fragrance for men with a thirst for adventure and discovery. Polo Explorer combines the freshness of a Hawaiian waterfall with the smokiness of Australian sandalwood and the warmth of amber from the North Sea. hello! hawaiian waterfall - takes me back to the waterfall scene in cocktail.......yes?

An invigorating blend of cardamom spices, leather and dark wood infuses this vintage fragrance with rugged sensibility and iconic equestrian style. sounds like polo didn't let me down. leather and rugged sensibility? ...that's what I'm talking about.

Spiced mango blends with nutmeg-infused espresso and the warmth of spiced woods. Polo Double Black—the daring, powerful and seductive fragrance for men. mmmm. sounds good. like I want to eat it.

I think that I'm leaning towards something polo. but we'll see.

borrowed images and words via esquire magazine and polo ralph lauren's website.

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