a great gift

I've always been a fan of this gift. Adopting an endangered animal really hits the heartstrings. I would love a polar bear for christmas and for only $40 it's not like it's breaking the bank.... although if no one stops me I could go broke adopting a whole bunch of animals - I could easily get carried away with a cause like this.

Polar Bears have been my favourite lately... the fact that the world is putting the environment in the crapper really sucks. 'As a result of climate change sea ice in the Polar bear's hunting grounds is melting earlier and forming later each year. Fewer than 25,000 polar bears remain in the wild and some populations, such as Canada's western Hudson Bay polar bears, are facing extinction in this century.' Statistics like that just make me so sad. It's like seeing one of those spca commercials with all the hurt animals that has Sarah McLachlan singing about angels - you want to look away but you can't... just makes me want to say to noone in particular


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