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mulled wine anyone?

yum yum I saw this on cos and I'm totally into making a big batch. check out the lovely post here for some pics and the real deal...

I had to post their recipe because I need to keep this handy!

preparation time: 1 month
1. soak almonds and raisins in alcohol (any leftover will do) for a month under a closed lid.
2. prepare a piece of muslin with cinnamon, cardamon, orange peel and clove, about 25 gram all together.
3. in a pan, simmer the spices in 3 deciliter of water for 10 minutes, before adding a bottle of red wine, 100 gram sugar and a generous glass (or two) of port.
4. add almonds and raisins, continue to simmer, taking care not to reach boiling point.

borrowed image and recipe from cosstores.com

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