in a state of undecided.

I think it's about time for me to get a haircut. I need some new stees to keep things fresh...yes?

I was thinking about a bit of fringe like J.Lo on the right...

but then I changed my mind. I especially like SJP on the far left.

Then I thought maybe cut my hair shorter... my hair is tediously long right now. Drew Barrymore's hair looks pretty good here at around shoulder length.

But then, so does Julia's.
Not that I'm a fan of her really. Just like her hair below.
Maybe I should go a little lighter for the summer?

Kate Beckinsale really rocks the chocolate tresses.
Perhaps I will just keep on keepin' on while I'm young(ish).
Noone likes an old lady with long locks. Just saying.

Hopefully someday I will master the hot rollers. I love the look of big Bridget Bardot curls.
Any tips?

images via except drew barrymore was found here and the last picture - if you know where it's from please tell!

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