good bye 2009 hello fall 2011

If I was designing the fall 2011 line it would look something like this...

inspirational images below.

a military style jacket.

         via aritzia

       via sitka

          via truenorthstyle

a kay way style breaker...

...and there was an awesome tweed wrap around coat from sitka's fall 08 line that was a bit longer than hip length with a big hood and no buttons or anything but with a leather wrap belt that I am pretty in love with. I either have to make my own or figure out if any stores anywhere still have it, but I can't seem to get the image to load up here which makes me irritated beyond belief.

I think an artist series shirt/dress would be amazing...
            via camilla d'errico

and an animal graphic on an oversized t-shirt is probably the thing I want the most... this girl's got the right idea. To achieve exactly what I'm thinking of I believe the animal really has to be pacific north west style (i.e. bear, eagle, beaver, wolf)

           via truenorthstyle

I also think that having a hiking boot / paddock boot hybrid would be awesome. My brother was frantically searching for my mom's version from the 70's for a shoot... must mean that it's in the fashion forecast for sure. These are bit beaten but a similar idea on the whole. I'm more thinking of a black canvas upper but anyways.

then I thought of stuff that I really need (or maybe not) and a whole bunch of bags came to mind. So here we go... a canvas duffel bags with leather hits is on my wishlist.

and one of these would be good, I hear they're going to be the next bag everyone will be sporting.

last but not least, I have heard through the grapevine that old school cowboys will be back in a huge way. Here's hoping! Maybe it's just me but a whole bunch of cowboy inspired stuff would be amazing.

all images not credited were via google image

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