in a state of undecided.

While browsing the vintage shops with one of my bests I came across a dark chocolate hip length mink coat. There's a push and pull there. You don't want to like them because of all the awful things that people do to the animals, but you can't not love them for the way they make you feel. So soft. So cozy. So gangster. So awesome.

So many hollywood peeps doing Peta ads.
I get what those nudies are trying to say. I really do.



It's not all about how this fur looked.
It's all about how it felt. So soft. So cozy. So Sharon Stone in Casino. Or Russian gangster mistress.


                          via russian dollhouse

It's almost one of those things that you should only accept from a man. Like jewellry, roses, and lingerie. Kind of makes it more baller when it's a gift from your lover.


There will always be the people that don't wear fur and the people that do. I can't forget how awesome the coat felt as soon as it hit my skin... but I'm a lover of animals. It felt a bit wrong. But so right.

I'm in a state of undecided.


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