sunday night socials

Had a seriously fun ladies night on Sunday, spent most of yesterday recovering. From Kitty nights at the Biltmore with a dirty martini drink special to the cab ride with the Wilson Phillips karaoke sesh, that was a good night friends.


“Art has a way of making life irrelevant. It has all the seductive powers of a heavy drug.” – john Cale
all images by the seriously talented Andre Petterson

Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

I guess I wasn't the only one who loved the work James Jean did for Prada... Endeavor Snowboards just happened to feature a similar style on their Diamond series for the current season. Really, really wanted one of their hoodies that featured the graphic.
But to my dismay the apparel part of the line was dropped (!!). You can image just how happy I was when I was gifted one of the snowboards (insert huge smile here). Can't WAIT to go riding.

I checked out the artist interview on their site and was pleasantly surprised that my thoughts of the similarities were right on point. Derek Stenning (the artist that created the graphics for said board) was 'visually inspired by James Jean's Prada work'. He turned to 'the symbolism of the Qabala, and the tree of life to address the theme ... [and found] the visual elements to build the image. The top half is composed [of images] ... representing the ideas of beauty and harmony. The lower half ... represent[s] strength and severity. In keeping with the visual inspiration the image was created with hand drawn work with scanned in water colour washes and photoshop to add hits of colour.' My take? It's freaking awesome. SO pretty. I love it.

To the point where I would probably display it on my wall if I had any extras... just sayin.


dear j

I miss you.

from m

a night with the ladies

Back from the land of sand for a brief and fun-filled week, Alanimal I love it when you're home! Vancity just is not the same without you. How much did I enjoy last night hanging with you and the rest of the ladies?! ...loved going to Charlie's for their launch party (champs anyone?) and our time spent at bin 942 was delightful and delicious. Thanks Alibaba!

My camera's a bit off (replacement needed stat) but you were quite a doll and put up with me anyways. Just want to capture the memories for when you go back!

"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."

- Audrey Hepburn


the alps are awesome.




                 (now THAT'S a talented server)
          ...and maybe even some of this

              = a pretty rad trip to the alps.

(Wilson went away, came back with more than just the stories.)




I've decided that my future homestead should really have wood floors, a fireplace, a bedroom with lots of natural light, and plenty of space... kind of tired of tripping over things during the sleepy hours of the early morning. These photos are just what the doctor ordered.

       image via glassford hill girl

      chinoiserie pearl duvet set via provide home


stellar saturday

A lovely brunch at the twisted fork bistro with two of my bests (lovely, as in the best brunch I've had in forever) and then an awesome dog walk - I've got blisters to prove it - with another good friend for an absolutely fantastic day. I even did a good deed by warning some people with their dogs off leash that the animal control guys were giving out tickets.

...I am missing two friends though. It's when they go away when you really realize how much you love them. They're in LA.

jealous much.


oh winona.

sunday night socials

nothing better than a little time with the ladies.

pair it with some fine wine, strong martinis and a little poutine pizza from a new favourite restaurant and we're done!

...it doesn't get any better than this.


little moon by wilfred

I'm sold. Can't wait for this to hit the stores. So perfect. So pretty.
I forsee an Aritzia shopping trip when my next payday arrives.

image from photographer Candace Meyer's personal collection, first seen here

vintage Vancouver

I was sent these photos from a co-worker a while back. There was a time when I believed I missed the golden age (to quote Tony Soprano). Seeing these photos makes me think that once again...

photo credit: Fred Herzog

cardi love

I think cardigans are my favourite item of clothing right now. My black one has just about seen it's last days, I must replace it but it's just one of those comfy, cozy items of clothing that you don't want to give up. It may end up in my dog walking attire... the replacement will be needed before though. Alife has some nice oversize men's cardigans coming out for fall 2010. hint hint. haha.

bubbling up cardi via anthropologie

all wrapped up cardi via anthropologie

heathered silk alpaca wool cardi via jcrew


goldie oldie

yesterday everyone at the office spent a little time reminiscing all the old theme songs from our favourite shows... this one didn't pop up in conversation but oh how it should have.


what to wear

I can't believe it's already March... before you know it summer will be here (!!) My favourite thing to see when the weather is better is a pretty summer dress with Frye boots. Right now it's nice enough to sport in the sunny afternoons, but a bit chilly in the shade. So maybe a comfy, cozy sweater on top would be more fitting.

Can't wait till it's beach season, I've been dreaming of long, hot days at the beach with my dogs, my towel, malibu, pineapple juice, sunscreen, sand and salt water.

My 3 Frye favs:
                                    campus 14G

                                  campus stitching horse 15
                                        harness 15


I want I want I want

I originally saw the lines for the olympic store downtown going around the block - that's hours of waiting people - and said no way. I saw this jacket and I may make the trek. I want it. So Canadian. So cute.

photo via truenorthstyle originally from just jared