Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

I guess I wasn't the only one who loved the work James Jean did for Prada... Endeavor Snowboards just happened to feature a similar style on their Diamond series for the current season. Really, really wanted one of their hoodies that featured the graphic.
But to my dismay the apparel part of the line was dropped (!!). You can image just how happy I was when I was gifted one of the snowboards (insert huge smile here). Can't WAIT to go riding.

I checked out the artist interview on their site and was pleasantly surprised that my thoughts of the similarities were right on point. Derek Stenning (the artist that created the graphics for said board) was 'visually inspired by James Jean's Prada work'. He turned to 'the symbolism of the Qabala, and the tree of life to address the theme ... [and found] the visual elements to build the image. The top half is composed [of images] ... representing the ideas of beauty and harmony. The lower half ... represent[s] strength and severity. In keeping with the visual inspiration the image was created with hand drawn work with scanned in water colour washes and photoshop to add hits of colour.' My take? It's freaking awesome. SO pretty. I love it.

To the point where I would probably display it on my wall if I had any extras... just sayin.

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