I ♥ Venice Beach

I spent the better part of the afternoon & evening enjoying some cocktails, nice weather and good company at the High Lounge in Venice Beach.

I regret not getting the retro Vaurnet France style tank that I wanted to buy. I did experience a mix tape that my boss grabbed for $2 from some guy on the strip, the skate park right up near the beach and a dude backflipping over 10 people... so wild.

love, love, love the beach, palm trees and fresh mojitos.

I'm also a really big fan of the restaurant we checked out yesterday. yum. Madonna's got the right idea getting this guy to cook for her.

We blew through Melrose yesterday. I had my eyes peeled for Amanda Heather Locklear but no dice.

Seriously, some of the most amazing clothes I've ever seen.

Thanks for keeping it real California. I'll be back.

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