snow in vancity

an early start to winter in Vancouver, get out your winter weather clothes it's sticking around! It's long underwear, wool socks and toques all the way...

one hundred days

went to Rodney's for a friend's birthday... we arrived a 1/2 hour before it opened so we popped into the opus hotel / one hundred days for a cocktail. pretty great venue in my eyes, loved the concept. check it out here



well, back from Cali and I learned a few things.

-I'm pretty good at dice - 4 -5 -6! trips! that's how I roll
-I remember why I was so into skater boys in high school
-I am impressed with the amount of alcohol I can consume on short notice
-Alaska airlines does not have tv's or blankets on their ice cold planes - FAIL
-I like my job more than I realized
-bloody marys sub in for bloody ceasars quite nicely and have proven to be an awesome way to start a terrific night of partying.

on the whole, an amazing trip.

and what better way to end it than with a happy hour of asian fusion food, friends, PBRs and a beauty of a sunset.

photo cred: Lauren Bryant photography


soundtrack of my life

love love love florence and the machine. love love love the xx. love love love this.

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Dear Browns,

I forgive you for giving me the runaround regarding these boots. It's probably better for my credit card after all. But really, they were perfection in all their last year's model 50% off glory.

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takes me back

serious beach vibe in this bathroom!

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If there was ever a day that I missed our lovely Alanimal it is today.

Looking at this decor really made me flash back to curling my hair in her room, having a shmoke out the window and listening to tunes.

Oh, the good old days.

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