hot child in the city.

what friendship means to me

Wearing the most tacky and yet wonderful holiday cowboy hat that I bought for you at the dollar store despite all your attempts to keep your rodeo princess past a secret.

I want a pegasus for christmas.

unfortunately, I don't think j will be able to follow through...

we're too legit to quit.

This past week has been pretty exciting. A few things have happened...

1. I went to story time at Pottery Barn for kids with my nephew and niece and I'm not sure who was more excited about the Star Wars everything (toys, backpacks, plates and SHEETS!) my nephew or me.

2. Christmas is in full swing. Christmas songs and Christmas smells waft out of every shop and every house... yummy!

3. It is full fledged sweater season.

4. It's definitely the time of year for my favourite snow sports. Snowshoeing. Ice skating. Snowboarding. LOVE IT!

5. Jacob and I are getting married! We're kicking ourselves for not having a house to have a good old engagement party at... and we're thinking tropical destination to make it legit. November 2011 everyone! save the date!!!

ah, the holidays. I get so excited I can't even sleep on Christmas eve. There will have to be some self-administration of booze and other sorts of festive things to help Mayne get to that sleepy place. scotch and lemon water anyone?