a permanent state of transition is man's most noble condition.

-Juan Ramon Jimenez


all the little pooches.

when it comes to anything, I love Pendleton.

Even the blue suede jacket that went a little crazy with the fringe.
j would cringe.
you could say I'm crazy.

shoe lust

sold out.


house of harlow 1960
Did I miss this trend before I even really got a chance to try it out?

Ombre hair seems to have come and gone.

image found here

image found here
 image found here

image found here
image found here

love LB's boots.

what a doll xo

this dress!

...and the girl in the slip plays the harmonica like a badass




Something is brewing. Deets soon.


thistle and clover has such pretty jewellry.

These make me want to drink tea and eat sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

And eat macarons. But when do you not want to eat macarons? lol.

Sometimes art makes my heart hurt it's so good. This is one of those times.

Florence and the Machine are amaaaaaazing.

Cue to twirl.

will these trends transcend

I was reading The Cut and voila. Their take on what to get for a wardrobe update for 2011.

New York Magazine's The Cut has been a fav of mine for some time now.


Some of my fav ways to update your wardrobe and images to follow: 70's style wide leg pants, maxi length dresses and cropped pants. As for the absence of short shorts and thigh-grazing skirts? HURRAY - I've never been a fan.

When are these looks not in style?

Elie Tahari

rag and bone

helmut lang

michael kors

Pringle of Scotland
all images via the cut

image via marc jacob's website first seen at the cut


I love aged barn door style doors inside the house as much as I love them inside my barn.


image courtesy of shmilton
because I just want to pinch his cheeks.

shoe lust

prada woven tee-strap lovelies via snobette

♥ Dylan McKay

I have always wanted a porsche like the one that Dylan McKay's dad had in 90210.

That, of course, led to everyone talking about 90210.

The old one.
The original one.
The best one.

as we all know, styles come back into fashion, so when do we get to look forward to seeing bikinis like these? oh lord.

and since we're on the topic...

anchor yourself in love in truth in humbleness in honesty in true relationships for when your world turns upside down grasp on to those anchors they will help you weather the storm and stay afloat they will remind you of who you are and help you keep your eyes on the horizon



I sometimes wonder at the functionality of things

via vincent park

back in black

or, er, brown. I'm into it. and even though they get a bad rap for dressing like bag ladies, I'm into that too. Comfort rules people!

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